Uganda’s Electric Vehicle Industry

As the world embraces electric vehicles with the main players being the US and China, other countries have taken on the massive task of developing homegrown electric vehicle industries. We bring you some updates about Electric vehicles in Uganda

For a number of years Uganda too has been into the Electric Vehicles (EVs) production. The EVs manufactured by the Kampala based Kiira Motors Corporation plant are mainly fully electric commuter buses.

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Uganda started the electric vehicle journey a few years back when the government funded young engineering students at the Makerere University in Kampala.

Within a few years, an electric vehicle prototype was released to the public. It was dubbed the Kiira EV.

Kiira EV
The Kiira EV. Image by Kiira Motors

Soon a second more advanced prototype was released to the public. After a successful start, the company embarked on developing a fully electric commercial passenger bus dubbed Kayoola Solar Bus.

The manufacturing of the Kayoola EV helped the way to the massive production of the particular brand for the public. Since then, the company has manufactured a number of fully electric buses and a few diesel powered buses.

Kayoola Busses. Image by Kiira Motors

The company has got a number of customers already on its line. The customers include bus travel companies government agencies and individuals. In addition, the company calls for pre-orders from individuals and organizations.

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Electric Motorcycles

In 2022 the Ugandan authorities approved mass production if over 400,000 electric motorcycles. The initiative was aimed at curbing the increased air pollution mainly caused by the thousands of Motocycle taxis on Ugandan roads.

For more on the Vehicles and their specifications, visit the company’s website.