Why your phone battery drains too fast?

Consider three main reasons why your phone battery drains faster than you wish.

1. Charging your phone to 100%

Reducing the number of times you charge your phone to 100% can help extend the battery’s life.

And just as you might want to prevent overcharging, you also don’t want to avoid letting your phone run out of battery totally. According to Consumer Reports, 80% is the recommended charging percentage for batteries. However, remember that charging your battery will always lead it to lose power over time.

Where you charge your phone is also crucial. Overheating can harm batteries, and charging your phone while you sleep runs the danger of doing precisely that.

2. A Very bright screen

According to a Purdue University study, you use more energy when your screen is brighter.

The majority of phones offer a function that automatically modifies the brightness of your screen to match the ambient illumination.

While using your phone, you don’t necessarily need to worry about dimming the screen, but you should consider doing so when you’re not. Making the screen idle time as brief as possible, which turns the screen off while you’re not actively using it, is one technique to do this.

3. Unused apps

To clear up clutter on your phone, delete unused apps, lower the brightness when you can, and limit background usage of unneeded apps. Your phone’s battery should last longer the more effectively you use it.

A “battery-saving” option is now present on many contemporary phones, which automatically modifies the brightness and app usage to improve battery life.