Tanzania assembles home grown aircraft

Guess what’s shooting off in Tanzania? According to a report from The Citizen newspaper, the Tanzanian aviation industry just wrapped up building three brand-spanking-new aircraft! And guess what? These babies were put together locally in Tanzania, making it a big win for the local aviation scene.

Now, let’s talk specs. These assembled aircraft are no joke—they can comfortably fit anywhere from two to four passengers. That’s right, whether you’re flying solo or rolling deep with a small group, these planes have got you covered.

There’s more! The magic happened at the Airplane Africa Limited facility, which was set up in 2021 by a cool Czech company. Flash forward to October 2023, and the folks at Morogoro-based Airplanes Africa Limited (AAL) had a big moment. They showed off the very first aircraft they ever put together.

Tanzania’s first-ever homemade aircraft [businessinsider]

The Skyleader 600, as it’s lovingly called, making its grand debut at the Diamond Jubilee Hall during the Tanzania International Manufacturers Expo 2023 (TIMEXPO) in Dar es Salaam. Talk about a star-studded event! And get this—the Skyleader 600 is all about cozy travels. It’s designed to whisk away two passengers, pilot included. So, whether you’re jet-setting for business or pleasure, this plane has your back. Ready for takeoff?

It was Monday, March 18th, 2024—a day to remember in Tanzanian aviation history! The director-general of the Tanzanian Airport Authority (TAA), Mussa Mbura, spilled the beans during a lively press briefing. He couldn’t contain his excitement as he shared that putting together these airplanes is a game-changer for Tanzania’s aviation scene.

“These airplanes are a big deal,” beamed the director-general. “The investment by AAL not only brings in revenue for the government but also opens up job opportunities for Tanzanians,” Mbura cheered.

“This is just the beginning!” Mbura added as he spoke on future plans, hinting at more exciting projects down the runway. “We’re gearing up to assemble even more airplanes. In fact, one of them was a star at the Sabasaba industrial exhibition,” he teased.

Mr. Mbura talked about the plant’s special features. “This facility is AAL’s pride and joy in Africa! And guess what? They’ve got branches all over the globe—in the Czech Republic, Germany, China, and Russia,” he exclaimed.

And let’s not forget about Prof Godius Kahyrara, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transport, who paid a visit to the plant last year. He couldn’t stop singing praises for the project, especially its impact on employing locals. Talk about a win-win!