The End of Windows 10 Support. What next?

When Microsoft ends its free support for Windows 10 in October 2025, the world should prepare for the disposal of around 240 million functioning PCs.

While paid support will continue until October 2028, the release of Windows 11, with its requirement for TPM 2.0 support, means many existing computers can’t upgrade, necessitating new hardware. This situation raises issues for Microsoft’s environmental responsibility.

To mitigate the landfill problem, users with TPM 2.0 incompatible devices have alternative options. One suggestion is transitioning to Linux Mint, Ubuntu, or another Linux distribution, which works well on most computers.

The installation process is relatively straightforward, taking approximately 30 minutes. Although Linux lacks some Windows software, it may not be a significant concern given the increasing prevalence of online computing.

For users committed to Windows but facing PC disposal, it may be better to remove any removable components like hard drives and laptop memory before discarding.

These parts can be repurposed—for instance, placing hard drives in external cases creates new external drives, while memory can enhance other devices. Selling these salvaged components is also suggested.

Many Windows users my prefer purchasing new Windows 11 PC.