What are Seven Mistakes in Phone Charging?

All of us charge our phones regularly throughout the day, but there are a few frequent mistakes we all make that can negatively affect the battery life and functionality of the device. The following seven mistakes should be avoided while charging your phone:

1. Using substandard or unregulated chargers

Using substandard or unregulated chargers might result in the battery being overcharged or overheated since they may not offer the required voltage and current management. To guarantee secure and effective charging, use only original or approved chargers.

2. Charging the phone to 100% constantly

Charging the phone to 100% constantly: Keeping your phone’s battery charged to 100% for a long period of time might place undue strain on it and accelerate its deterioration. Most of the time, it’s preferable to charge your phone between 80 and 90 percent, especially if you don’t require a full charge.

3. Allowing the battery to completely drain

Allowing the battery to completely drain: Charging your phone again after letting the battery completely discharge will reduce its lifespan. When the phone has between 20 and 30% of its battery left, it is preferable to charge it.

4. Extreme temperature charging

Extreme temperature charging: Using your phone to charge in extremely hot or extremely cold conditions will shorten the battery’s life. Do not charge your phone in the sun or in a cold vehicle.

5. Charging a phone while having a case

Charging a phone while having a case, a thick case may trap heat and increase the battery’s internal temperature. If you find that your phone is becoming warm while charging, take the case off.

6. Overusing fast charging

Overusing fast charging: While rapid charging is practical, overusing it might hasten the battery’s aging process. Consider utilizing regular charging to conserve the battery if you don’t need to charge the phone immediately.

7. Overnight charging

Overnight charging: Leaving your phone fully charged and plugged in for a lengthy period of time, such as overnight, will strain the battery. Think about charging your phone during the day and taking it off the charger after it is fully charged.


You can increase the battery life of your phone and sustain its overall functionality over time by avoiding these frequent mistakes and forming good charging habits.