What is meant by AAA in battery?

When we talk about small batteries, “AAA” refers to a size or standard of a cylindrical battery. AAA batteries are also known as “Triple-A” or “Miniature” batteries. They are commonly used in a number of small electronic devices.

The AAA battery is smaller than AA batteries and larger than the even smaller button or coin cell batteries. It is a cylindrical battery with a diameter of about 10.5 millimeters (0.41 inches) and a length of about 44.5 millimeters (1.75 inches).

The AAA battery is commonly used in devices like remote controls, some toys, small flashlights, wireless computer peripherals (e.g., wireless mice and keyboards), digital cameras, and other portable electronic devices that require a relatively low voltage.

These batteries usually come in both disposable and rechargeable versions. The disposable AAA batteries are typically made of alkaline chemistry, while the rechargeable AAA batteries often use nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) or lithium-ion (Li-ion) chemistry.

Its advisable to always check if your batteries are rechargeable or not. If non-rechargeable batteries are charged they may explode. Only charge batteries that indicate “Rechargeable”

The term “AAA” simply indicates the size and form factor of the battery, making it easier for consumers to identify the appropriate battery type for their devices.

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