200 electric buses for Rwandan roads by December 2024

With the rise of electric vehicles usage in Rwanda, the country is apparently ready to embrace another milestone in its public transport sector. This comes after BasiGo announced to deliver over 200 electric buses to Rwanda by the end of 2024.

The BasiGo company is actively functioning in Kenya as its first African market for its electric commuter bus operations. In its efforts to widen thought the African market, the company will enter the Rwandan market by the end of 2023.

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BasiGo partnered with AC Mobility, Rwanda’s provider of automated fare collection systems for public transport. This partnership will enable the delivery of about 200 to bus operators in Rwanda by the end of 2024 under a pay-as-you-drive financing system.

In both Kenya and Rwanda, the vehicles used are BYD’s K6 electric buses, which have 23 passenger seats and can travel up to 250 kilometers on one battery charge. BasiGo currently assembles the vehicles in Kenya.

The BasiGo BYD Bus motor has an output of up to 100 kW, and the battery is a lithium iron phosphate battery from BYD. According to the manufacturer, the electric bus can be charged with 30 kW of nominal power (60 kW maximum), which means the battery can be fully charged in a little over three hours.

Electric Vehicles in Rwanda have played an important role in reducing carbon emissions in the East African country.

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