The Tecno Phantom V Flip, The best Flip Phone?

The new addition from Tecno Mobile may be sending shockwaves to the flip smartphone phone makers. The Tecno Phantom V Flip flagship has surprised tech enthusiasts with its advanced features which largely match the big competitors. Put side by side with Samsung Z Flip, one may think the Samsung is the newbie.

We have listed four reasons why the Tecno Phantom V Flip may be the best flip phone yet.

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#1. The Price

The Tecno Phantom V Flip comes with high end specifications yet priced at USD 699. Other competitors flip flagships come at about USD 1000. One is left wondering how Tecno managed to knock of such a device, yet deliver at almost half the price of its competitors.

#2. The Design and Finish

The Tecno Phantom V Flip had am amazing leather like finish on its surface. Many smartphone lovers prefer such a finish as it reduces the finger prints on the back of the phone. Of course the phone comes with a uniquely designed casing

Tecno V Flip phone
Tecno V Flip Phone case. Snapshot from Youtube

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#3. The Hinge

The hinge is one of the most researched feature in the foldable and flip phones. Techo has learnt from the big brothers so well. The hinge of the Phantom V Flip has the ability to hold in any position up to 20 degrees. This may be a comfortable feature for many users as it avails multiple viewing experiences on the device.

The Tecno Phantom V Flip

On addition the phone doesn’t leave any gap when it closes flat. However, despite the clean comfortable closing, the crease isn’t visible when compared to the Samsung Z flip.

Snapshot from Youtube

#4. The “Planet Design”

A circular compartment at the front dubbed “Planet” by Tecno houses both the main cameras and a small screen which has lots of useful features. The screen can display a clock, notifications, music player and many other customizable features.

Tecno V Flip “Planet” Design. Snapshot from Youtube

The “Planet” can also be customized using any of the inbuild designs.

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